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House Remodel

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"Our dream is for every member to have a seat in the dining room and at chapter meetings."

[the reason]

What started as a dream to provide seating for all Delta Gamma members at chapter meetings and in the dining room has since become a reality. For the past four years our house has been bursting at the seams and it made it difficult to experience the same traditions of sisterhood this chapter was founded on, due to a lack of space. Knowing our chapter would better serve our sisters and community by having more space, we received loans from the Delta Gamma Fraternity Housing Corporation and a local bank, and began building a new home and a better future for Delta Gammas. This remodel will accommodate our sorority’s growth and re-establish important traditions by providing more common areas and spaces for our sisters to bond and form lasting, important relationships.

[the updates]

Construction for the remodel began in March 2017 and with a very competent team we are currently on schedule to welcome the collegians back to campus for spring semester in January 2018. Through the years, the house has been very well maintained which means no major changes were necessary to the current structure. The new addition provides a beautiful, much more spacious and more functional home for nineteen new members to live in. Additionally, fire and security standards have been updated to the current best, promising better safety in the house for years to come. We are also proud to now accommodate a handicapped member or guest with ADA bathrooms on three floors, an elevator and a wheelchair lift. We found that this was not an extravagance but instead a necessary addition in order to better serve our sisterhood.

[the need]

Although we are in a good position to pay back the loans we were granted, any help in eliminating this financial obligation makes our future even brighter. We now have the largest and safest Greek house on campus – a home that will strengthen our sisterhood and bring back valued traditions. The benefits of this project greatly exceed the cost, and any donation helping to eliminate our financial responsibility means we can focus our fundraising on other efforts, such as assisting the community. Any and every donation is much appreciated by our sisterhood. Thank you in advance!

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